R.J.(Bob) Evans, P.Ag.
Professional Consulting for SMEs and Farmers


Strategic direction

-       strategic coaching and business planning for diverse businesses involved in tourism, agricultural sales and service as well as primary producers

-       coached a mature staff in a commodity sales organization to grow sales from 3.5 million to over $10 million

-       worked with a national industry association board of directors to implement a branding strategy in Ottawa and the provincial capitols

Financial management

-       coached diverse businesses to improved financial performance

-       prepared, implemented and monitored detailed cashflow and budget projections for a complex business as well as a national association

-       prepared strategic business plans for various clients up to and in excess of $50 million annual sales

Operations management

-       day to day management of a seasonal business with weekly sales in excess of $1 million during peak periods including hiring seasonal staff and purchasing resale products

-       oversaw accounting management for a multi-location retail organization

-       implemented new integrated business management systems on two separate occasions for multi-outlet retail organizations

-       oversaw a multi-activity repair and manufacturing facility including maintaining government certifications and related documentation


Innovative processes & equipment

-       evolved new equipment for changed seeding systems by fabricating modifications to existing equipment. The improved equipment allowed the business to capture sales from many of the farmers who were in the process of changing to the new seeding technology.

-       completed a regulatory gap assessment for a multi-outlet business division and an occupational hazard assessment for a new enterprise of an agricultural co-operative

-       conceived a promotional piece called “Did You Know” which helped brand the industry association as an environmentally sound source of knowledge


Team development

-       coached small businesses to improved performance through the use of strategy planning exercises and facilitated management meetings

-       implemented strategic management retreats which annually summarized company successes & failures and then developed quantified action plans for the entire staff for the upcoming year

-       worked with senior industry leaders, competing industry associations, bureaucrats and politicians to achieve consensus on difficult and controversial issues


References available upon request.