R.J.(Bob) Evans, P.Ag.
Professional Consulting for SMEs and Farmers
Management Consulting

I've done some consulting to SMEs, working directly with the end client and through intermediaries.  I've done several projects in partnership with McCannell Financial & My Farm Group.  I've also done some work for FCC and Ag Canada.  These have all been both refinancing situations or succession planning.  My role in all of these different businesses is to facilitate change, whether that change is communications within the business, business structure, financing, growth or divestment. Recently I worked with a new entrant to the pulse export business, helping them to build a new business from scratch.

I enjoy working with small business and particularly small farm businesses.  I've spent my life as an entrepreneur and I've learned a few useful things.  No two businesses are the same but there are some principles that cross between businesses - working capital is essential, communication is usually a problem, strategic direction gets overlooked in day to day management.  

This link will take you to a little web presentation that I put together a long time ago.  It grew out of some strategic planning that we did at Gates Fertilizers.  The interface is clunky and some of the material is a little hokey but the general principles are sound.