Nutrient per Acre Calculator for Liquid Fertilizer      
    Number of Acres Desired N rate Desired P rate Desired S rate Desired micro rate Total Gal. of micro source Total Gallons of 15-0-0-20 Total Gallons of 10-34-0 Total Gallons of 28-0-0   Total gallons of blend Blend Gallons per acre Blend Density - lb/gal  
      Actual N/ac obtained Actual P/ac obtained Actual S/ac obtained Actual micro/ac obtained     Cost per tonne of the blend:   Blend cost per gallon    
                  Cost per acre of the blend:          
              Cost per tonne   Blend analysis:  
        15-0-0-20 13.2 #/gal                
        28-0-0 12.8 #/gal                
        10-34-0 14.2 #/gal                
  Micro-nutrient source analysis          
  N P K S Micro lb./gal                  
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      Enter desired nutrient rates and number of acres in the yellow cells      
      To calculate a blended price per tonne, enter quoted prices in the green squares    
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      For micronutrient calculations:    
      Complete the section with the red outlined cells that look like this one ------>      
      Note that just because two liquid fertilizers will mix together doesn't necessarily mean that it is a good idea to mix them.    
      Liquid fertilizer blends involving micronutrients can result in some very unique messes that may look like shaving cream or axle grease.
      Before blending a truckload, do yourself a favour and mix some up in a quart sealer. Let it sit for a few days to see what happens.  
      Even when the quart sealer test works, blending larger batches can have exciting results. 10-34-0 can be particularly problematic  
      in a multi-nutrient micro blend.    
                          R.J.(Bob) Evans P.Ag.