Nutrient per Acre Calculator for Dry Fertilizer      
    Number of Acres Desired N rate Desired P rate Desired K rate Desired S rate Pounds per acre of Lbs./ac Lbs./ac Lbs./ac Total blend Total blend required    
      lb/ac lb/ac lb/ac lb/ac 46-0-0 lb/ac tonnes    
      Actual N/ac obtained Actual P/ac obtained Actual K/ac obtained Actual S/ac obtained        
      Enter fertilizer prices per tonne in green squares above      
    Phosphate source:     Value per tonne of the blend:      
        Cost per acre of the blend:      
    Sulphur source:     Blend analysis:  
    Potash source:              
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      Enter desired nutrient rates and number of acres in the yellow cells      
      Pick the blend ingredients being used from the drop down menus      
      To calculate a blended price per tonne, enter quoted prices in the green squares      
      The chart will update automatically      
        R.J.(Bob) Evans