Management Consulting for Farmers and Small Ag Enterprises
Management Consulting  
I've done some consulting to SMEs, working directly with the end client and through intermediaries. I've done some work for FCC and Ag Canada. Most of these projects have been refinancing situations or succession planning. My role in all of these different businesses is to analyze the numbers and recommend action, whether that is communications within the business, changing the business structure, financing, growth or divestment. For several years I had a contract with one of the largest landowners in SK to conduct risk profiles on their tenants.  Recently I worked with a new entrant to the pulse export business, helping them to build a new business from scratch.  
I enjoy working with small business and particularly small farm businesses. I've spent my life as an entrepreneur and I've learned a few useful things. No two businesses are the same but there are some principles that cross between businesses - working capital is essential, communication is usually a problem, strategic direction gets overlooked in day to day management.  The old saying "When you're up to your ass in alligators, its hard to remember the original job was to drain the swamp." is still true for most businesses.
The link below will take you to a little web presentation that I put together a long time ago. It grew out of some strategic planning that we did at Gates Fertilizers. The interface is clunky and some of the material is a little hokey but the general principles are sound. 

Career Highlights 
- BScAg - University of Saskatchewan, College of Agriculture 
 - Managing shareholder in a multi-outlet farm supplies business 
- Built a private consultancy specializing in farm and farm related businesses 
- P.Ag. (Ret.) - registered with Sask. Institute of Agrologists as a retired agrologist
- In my spare time I like to dig holes and move dirt. See BobDigs.ca for more details.  I've got a well equipped shop and a cheap Chinese lathe.  I've fixed everything from wrist watches to diesel engines and lots of stuff in between. 
R.J.(Bob) Evans
After an entrepreneurial career culminating as the managing shareholder in a multi-outlet farm retail business,  I established a consultancy specializing in smaller ag related business. In that capacity I have worked with farmers and farm businesses to facilitate transition. That includes succession, growth and retirement as well as new business establishment.

I have some experience working overseas in Finland, Brazil, Ecuador and Mexico.  I'm functional in Spanish and the Brazilians were polite enough to pretend they could understand my Portuguese.
Farmer Tools
This dry blend calculator lets you select from common basegrades and batch them according to your requested N, P, K and S. Enter the required nutrients in the highlighted boxes and watch the application rates change. If you enter costs for your basegrades then the app will calculate costs per tonne and per acre.
The liquid blend calculator does the same calculations using liquid basegrades. As before, enter the required nutrients in the highlighted boxes and watch the application rates & pounds and gallons change. If you enter costs for your basegrades then the app will calculate costs per tonne and per acre.
The ammonia calculator uses tank sizes and percentages used to calculate pounds per acre of actual N applied. It will also convert cost per tonne to cost per pound of N and cost per pound of N to a price per tonne
Fixed/Variable Cost

This app uses fixed and variable costs to come up with some costs per bushel. When we were in business, if I asked some of my farm customers "What does it cost you to produce a bushel of canola" they would respond with "roughly 4 bucks" or "maybe 5 bucks" but a select few would respond "five dollars and forty three cents." This calculator may help you get started on that process.
Plant Populations

This calculator will figure out plant populations per acre, per foot of drill row, per square foot and per square meter. The populations will be displayed "as seeded" and "as emerged" based on the values that you input.
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